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You Always Get What You Want – Which May Not Be What You Are Asking For

What this enigmatic statement suggests is that your reality is created by your beliefs.  These beliefs, which are usually subconscious, are often the result of life-long programming.  Our beliefs form attitudes about the world and ourselves.  From these attitudes, we develop behaviors and it is the self-defeating behaviors we wish to change.

But, how are our beliefs formed or created?

Our brain, based on electroencephalographic or EEG research produces four electrical signatures or electrical “languages”.  Between birth to approximately 20 to 24 months, our brain produces a very slow sleep wave – Delta, which vibrates between 0.5 to 4 cycles per second.  From approximately two to six years of age, our brain signatures speed up to a frequency spectrum of 4 to 8 Hertz (or cycles per second).  This is designated as Theta which offers greater access to creativity, sudden insights and to the twilight reverie state which is accompanied by an increase in dream-like imagery.  Between the ages of six and twelve, children’s brain wave frequencies accelerate once more to primarily an Alpha state, a faster resonance of  twelve Hertz, or cycles per second.  Alpha is characterized by a relaxed, calm rather unfocussed state and alpha becomes dominant when we meditate, daydream or enter into the lighter states of clinical hypnosis and highway hypnosis.

As children and our brain continues to mature – around the ages of eleven to twelve, the dominant brain wave pattern accelerates once more to the adult waking state of Beta – or from 13 to 50 plus cycles per second.  This is the familiar alert, eyes open focused on the world around us state so we can deal with the everyday problem-solving challenge of life.

But what does this have to do with beliefs?

Theta and Alpha are also states of consciousness in which people are less critical and discerning in their thinking and are highly suggestible to influences and suggestions from other people – very much like being in a hypnotic state.  When people are hypnotized, their brain waves slow to Theta-Alpha frequencies.  Thus, children between the ages of two and twelve are in Theta-Alpha, the most hypnotizable and programmable states of conscious possible.

But, why is that so?  Isn’t this when our beliefs are programmed into a highly suggestible-imaginative mind set?

Beliefs such as…”this is what marriage is about…this is what learning and school is about…this is what God is about…this is what work and life are about”…and, so forth along with the millions of bits of information children absorb during their formative years from parents and teacher.

However, this is also the stage where so-called “truths” about themselves are programmed and reinforced such as, “you are a stupid clutz”…”you can’t do anything right”…”you will never amount to anything”…”I am ashamed of you, you are a disgrace”..or “I am so proud of you”…

I love you just the way you are”…and, so forth.

Thus, first we create our beliefs – then they create us.  One of the many “jobs” of the subconscious is to maintain consistency or homeostasis between what has been programmed into our “belief bank” and our reality.

For example, a good friend of mine is a salesman who frequently utters…”Damn! Nothing ever works out for me”. Recently, he began negotiating for a highly, profitable contract.  He was excited but one week before signing the contract, it fell through (“nothing ever works for me”).

Another friend, a very bright classy woman has had a series of failed relationships with untrustworthy men.  On many occasions, I have heard her say “All men will cheat – you can’t trust them”.  Of course, you can imagine what kind of men she subconsciously attracts into her life to support her belief – and that of her mother who married a man that constantly cheated on her.

Thus, your life is a printout of your beliefs.  Look at your life – health, work, relationships with partners and money.  If an area of your life is not working – too many speed bumps – what is the negative belief that is creating and maintaining that undesirable outcome?

You always get what you want (the underlying programmed belief – “nothing every works out for me”) which may not be what you are asking for (sealing and signing that profitable contract).

To summarize:

  • Your reality is created by your beliefs
  • Subconscious beliefs create the filters through which we respond to life’s challenges
  • Our beliefs form our attitudes about the world and ourselves
  • The ability to perform effectively is profoundly affected by such beliefs as:  “I am competent – I am powerful – I am worthy and deserving of…success…love” etc…

Whatever you believe of yourself will be true, so let go of the bad beliefs and who knows how far you might get. You might surprise everyone, including yourself.  I will have to more to say in a later blog on how to change beliefs.

As Henry Ford once said, “whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right“.

2 Responses to “You Always Get What You Want – Which May Not Be What You Are Asking For”

  1. Dave Schrader says:

    I am enjoying your Biology of Empowerment CDs and the TFT DVD and the information here and on the programs is exciting. Thanks for sharing it and allowing everyone access to having conscious awareness of the impact of beliefs and the wealth of tested change tools available to create beliefs from choice.

  2. sanjay sharma says:

    i am completely agree with you. but the problem is this that how can we find our deep and core beliefs which are limiting us. if you write something about this that how can we find our limiting beliefs and how can we change it than the scenario is completely different. thanks for the blog post i really like it.

    sanjay sharma, india

    p.s – i am waiting for your next article

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