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The Prodigal Son Returns

Greetings everyone – I am back!

My apologies for such a long break since my last blog.  For the past 10 months I have been very busy writing the script for a book length manuscript (212 pages) titled “EFT: The New Technology for Immediate Healing and Vitality” for my publisher Nightingale Conant that has produced all of my audio seminars on CD.  In addition to writing every weekend, I was sustaining a full time private practice.

Prior to every production, Nightingale Conant conducts a massive marketing survey on what its subscribers would like for their next audio program.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) received one of the highest ratings of any of their previous fifty plus audio seminars.

A bit of history: Twenty-two years ago, psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan combined a series of processes from Asian medicine and acupuncture, applied kinesiology and chiropractic techniques which he labeled Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  Each of the twelve meridians in our body have a diagnostic acupoint and a therapeutic treatment acupoint.  By utilizing applied kinesiology or muscle testing on the various diagnostic acupoints, he was asking the body/subconscious which acupressure/acupuncture points should be used for different diagnoses and treatment.

After lengthy testing and re-testing, he came up with a series of algorithms or codes for each psychological issue such as phobias, trauma, panic attacks, anxiety and so forth.  TFT turned out to be highly successful.  I became one of Roger’s earliest trainees and took three basic and advanced TFT trainings with him.  I will always be grateful to Roger as TFT (which now comes under the rubric of Energy Psychology) revolutionized my practice.

Some years later, one of Roger’s first students, Gary Craig, who was a Stanford University Engineering graduate decided that the diagnostic and treatment algorithms were too complicated for some clients so he suggested to forego muscle testing for diagnosing and simply treat all 12 treatment points in succession – which he labeled EFT.  Trust an engineer to simply things, which nonetheless turned out to be a highly successful insight.

I utilized TFT for the first 4000 or so clients I treated and EFT for the next 6000 plus clients.  Both TFT and EFT work but I have found EFT much easier to teach and clients are much more likely to do the EFT “homework” than the TFT algorithms.  Incidentally, there are now over 80,000 EFT practitioners in 57 countries.  Almost every traumatized Iraq or Afghanistan Veteran in the Veteran’s Administration Hospitals in the United States is taught EFT so they can continue to treat themselves as an adjunct to the other therapeutic modalities they are receiving.

EFT works with the energetic anatomy of the body.  There are twelve meridians or corridors of energy that channel Qi – the universal life force to twelve organs, twelve sets of muscle groups and other areas of the body.  Each meridian also has an emotion that it mediates such as anxiety for the stomach meridian, fear for kidney, rage for the gall bladder meridian and so on.  In addition, there is a biofield – a cocoon of electromagnetic energy that surrounds every living system ranging in size from a spermatozoa up through all animals, humans, including trees and vegetation.

As an aside, I spent many years researching cross-cultural healing practices in Brazil, India, Africa, Mexico and the Philippines.  Time after time, the healers I interviewed said much the same thing, “This (as they touched my body) is not the real body…it is just the dense body”.  They would go on to explain that the “real body” is the energy body or a succession of interpenetrating energy bodies – each encasing the others within it like Russian dolls.

According to the various healers, illness begins in one of the energy bodies, depending on whether the issue is spiritual, cognitive, mental, emotional or other – and then ratchets down to the physical body where it finally captures our attention.

In addition to the interpenetrating subtle bodies, our body also has a protective sheath or cloak of electrical resistance which is referred to as ohms.  The average body is encased in a cocoon of 300,000 to 400,000 Ohms.  There are over 360 acupuncture points on the body.  However, the electrical resistance at an acupuncture point drops to 12,000 to 14,000 Ohms.  The reason for this is that there is less impedance or obstruction.  A 95% drop in electrical resistance allows the acupuncture needle, tapping or rubbing a point to allow the energy into the meridian and release or open up a meridian so the Qi or healing energy will travel in an unimpeded way.

While any “new” therapeutic modality is met with skepticism and even hostility by the prevailing and more entrenched schools of psychotherapy, an increasing body of research from all over the world is building to support the efficacy of EFT.

Dr. Paul Swingle, Mari Swingle and myself published the only study so far using a Quantitative Electroencephalograph or QEEG – sometimes known as a brain map.  There were 12 volunteers who suffered significant PTSD following motor vehicle accidents.  Psychological tests measuring anxiety, depression and avoidance of driving/riding in a motor vehicle were also administered before and after being treated with EFT.

The QEEG or brain map results at the end of the six week treatment showed significant changes including a balancing of the electrical activity in the frontal lobes of the brain, an increase in Theta, a calming brainwave activity in the back of the brain and a calming effect or body quietude in the motor cortex of the brain.  Positive and significant changes were also reflected in the psychological tests.

In a more recent study, Dr. Swingle used EFT to reduce the intensity and frequency of seizure disorders in children diagnoses along the autism spectrum of epilepsy.

One of the most convincing studies was conducted by five physicians at Harvard University utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging.  Acupuncture needles were applied to several points on the hand which created a significant decrease in the electrical activity in the amygdala – which has to do with fear and emotional arousal and is located at the base of the hippocampus – which is our memory relay system in the limbic mid-brain.

For those of you who are interested in research on EFT, I will provide a website under references at the end of this blog.

Acupuncture was first developed in China approximately 4000 years ago.  But was it?  The world of Chinese medicine was stunned in 1991 when the well preserved and mummified body of a man was found in a melting glacier in the Otz Valley along the border between Austria and Italy.  They named the man Otzi and it turned out he was a shepherd with well preserved clothing, tools and weapons.  His body was unusually well preserved and forensic scientists could tell what he had for dinner before he was frozen in time.  He carried medicinal herbs, a tinder box for starting fires and in his leather pouch was an awl, a pointed instrument like a screw-driver but with a small, sharp pointed tip.

What was most startling, the investigators found a series of non-ornamental tattoos on his body in the form of simple stripes or crosses, suggesting a relationship between the tattoos and acupuncture points.  Their findings were published in the medical journal, The Lancet in 1999 and updated in Discover Magazine in 2000.

X-rays of Otzi’s body revealed evidence of arthritis in the hip joints, knees, ankles and lumbar spine.  Nine of the ice-man’s tattoos are located on the urinary bladder meridian, a meridian commonly associated with treating back pain.

Forensic analysis revealed that Otzi’s intestines were filled with whipworm eggs, which can cause severe abdominal pain.  Five other tattoos were located along the gall bladder, spleen and liver meridians, points in Chinese medicine traditionally used to treat stomach disorders.

The researchers noted that the tattoos could be viewed as a medical report from the Stone Age, tattooing or marking the meridians to be stimulated by the awl – serving as an acupuncture needle.

The significance of the Tyrolean Ice Man’s discovery is that the possibility of acupuncture having originated in the European continent 2000 years before its discovery and development by the Chinese.

Anthropologists have recorded non-ornamental tattoos in similar body locations on mummies found in Siberia and South America.  It is suggested that many Shamanistic cultures world-wide probably practiced some form of acupuncture but it was the Chinese who formalized it, researched it and saved it into modern times.

Who would have thought that the origins of EFT could be traced back to a Stone Age shepherd!  And our cosmic metronome ticks on!

In closing, if I may be permitted an unsolicited “commercial”, I have created and produced a 55 minute DVD on the utilization of EFT.  This includes three demonstrations and an easy to follow graphic with the sequences and locating of the treatment acupoints clearly delineated.

I recorded EFT, the 7 hour audio seminar on EFT in Chicago in March and it was released by Nightingale Conant in June, 2011.  I am happy to say this program is now available on my website, you can order it HERE now!


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