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The physics of consciousness


In my last blog, I discussed miracles and how some rare individuals, like Maria have the extraordinary gift of healing which I suggested much be rooted in a much deeper reality – the quantum domain of physics.

Over 100 years ago, Einstein stunned the scientific world and won the Nobel Prize by describing how light could appear as either a particle or wave – depending on how the experiment was set up.  This laid the foundation for quantum physics.  Up until that time, it was believed that atoms and molecules were static – motionless – inert.  Again, Einstein confirmed that atoms of molecules are in constant motion – jiggling, vibrating and dancing to their own individual harmonics and song.  Einstein and his contemporaries also believed that the universe was static – neither expanding nor contracting except for the rotation of planets around the sun.  In 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was indeed expanding and shattered another myth of physics at the time.

Einstein went on to publish his special theory of relativity with the most famous equation in physics – E=mc (z) – which in essence explains how matter and energy are interchangeable.  All matter is energy – and energy by increasing or decreasing its vibratory rate can crystallize or materialize into different densities of matter.

It was Werner Heisenberg, in 1925 who put it all together and came up with the foundation of quantum physics – arguably the dominant physics in the world today.  Without going into too much detail – the broad strokes of quantum physics are as follows:

First, a photon-light particle or an electron can be in two places at the same time.  This is an impossibility in our level of reality and would be analogous to a person being in both Boston and New York simultaneously.  This is called bilocation – not possible in our reality but quite common in the sub-atomic quantum world.  It is also possible in the reality of certain tribal people and monks.  Even some deeply religious people.

Secondly, in the quantum domain – a particle or electron can go from here to there without crossing the intervening space.  Not possible in our reality but electrons are constantly disappearing and reappearing but not in a leaner here to there fashion.  It is as if the electron goes from existence to non-existence to existence without a cause and effect process.

Thirdly, an electron or any quantum particle can behave as if it is a wave or particle – depending on how the experiment is set up.  This chameleon-like ability is common to all sub-atomic particles when they can shape-shift like the legendary Siberian shamans and certain shamans in the upper Amazon.

Fourthly, if two electrons – orbiting around the nucleus of an atom are separated – by say, one thousand light years and the polarity of one electron is changed – its sister electron – faster than the speed of light will change its angle of polarization to complement its former companion so that they will always have identical angles of polarization.  Quantum physicists refer to this stranger property in the subatomic world as “non-locality” or entanglement where one quantum particle can instantaneously influence another particle over any distance despite there being no exchange of force or energy.  Non-locality shattered the very foundations of physics.  Matter could no longer be considered separate and that there is a strange state of interconnectedness that exists between unrelated sub-atomic events.

Perhaps even more astonishing is that there is compelling evidence experimentally that the only time any quanta ever manifest as particles are when we are looking at them.  Physicists have devised clever strategies to support this conclusion.  Physicist Nick Herbert agrees with this interpretation and with tongue in cheek says that behind his back – the world is radically ambiguous and is a flowing, amorphous quantum soup.  The moment he turns and tries to see the soup, his glance turns it back into our ordinary, everyday reality.  I am beginning to think that physicists are becoming more and more like metaphysicists and shamans in their way of viewing the world.

Thus, every person has a part of ourselves rooted in the quantum domain.  Every cell in our body has energetic tendrils subject to the wild and woolly rules of this mysterious, perplexing underworld which totally violates the everyday sense of our materialistic clockwork universe.  It was Einstein who said the most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical – that we should stand in awe of this strange world which our dull facilities can comprehend – only – in their most primitive forms.

I have often wondered whether people like Einstein, Mozart, gift artist Georgia O’Keefe and many others –  in the history of ideas – have different filters, a wider aperture of consciousness that allows them to dip deeper into the energy sea of consciousness of all that is, was or will be – lifting the creative insights that we label as genius.

However, despite Einstein’s brilliance, he could never accept the strange, elusive, mysterious qualities of the quantum domain.  Yet today?  The dominant physics is quantum physics and most of the papers and research is in the quantum world rather than the classic physics of Einstein.

Hope this helps to make a little bit of sense of that mysterious world that we are all rooted in.

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