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The Future Creates the Present – NOT the Past!

Most of us have been raised with the belief that the past creates the present.  This can give rise to feeling that “I am a product or victim of my past”.  Perhaps, a better way of rephrasing the old belief might be – the future creates the present against the backdrop of the past.

The future creating the present is based upon the work of theoretical physicist, Fred Alan Wolf.  In his book, Starwave:  Mind, Consciousness and Quantum Physics, Dr. Wolf states that in order to experience anything consciously in our reality  it requires a double-wave of energy that is information contained in pure resonance or vibration.  These quantum waves are the products of our thoughts, desires and expectations that exist outside of time and space; they exist in what can be called the there and then.

For example, if you have a thought – “the economy is bad, I don’t think we will have a profitable year in my company”, that thought or quantum wave of energy travels from the here and now to the there and then of your future.  It then returns as a double-wave or echo wave from the future you cast out to your here and now.  Everything in our reality works on the theory of a double-wave action – the outgoing energy and the returning echo wave.  Every person in the world is casting out hundreds of waves of possibility with every thought, goal, dream or plan of action.

What I found most intriguing about this theory is the manner in which Dr. Wolf’s mathematics described the double action quantum waves to be very much like a spiraling hollow slinky – a hollow tube of light that is spiraling and twisting into the future.  However, it looks very much like the DNA double helix, which is the program of our biological future – an interesting parallel.

Thus, everything in your reality at the present moment, positive, neutral or negative – our relationships, incomes, our homes, vacation plans, education, a change of careers are all double action quantum waves of the future.  They have been cast forward by the consciousness of the present – to the there and then of the future – and back again as an echo wave into the here and now of your life.

Thus, we have all been casting out possible and probable futures since we were verbal.  For example, a dark future cast out in a moment of despair such as, “I am never going to be happy” or a brilliant future, “I plan to complete university just like my mother” are still resonating.  What about the adolescent with their dramatic absolutes – “If so and so doesn’t invite me to the prom, I’ll just die!” or – “who wants to live to thirty, I would rather die than get old!”

Yes, those futures are still out there but probably not influencing you anymore.

The best analogy of this very important concept is to imagine you are throwing hundreds and thousands of small pebbles into a pond or lake.  Some create big ripples – high amplitude, other are barely noticeable.  All your possible and probable futures are like the ripple waves of the pond.  Every ripple, like a hologram is interfering with and affecting each other to varying degrees.  All have impact, be it ever so slight, not noticeable, or it might be a giant ripple that could have the impact of a minor tidal wave.

Let us imagine that you have cast out a nightmare future – “my company won’t make it – I will be bankrupt in three months”.  The echo wave you will be experiencing in three months is on its way back.  However, something shifted in the economy and in a more inspirational and optimistic moment you launched a brilliant future – “this new marketing plan will turn things around – we will be profitable in three months.”  Of course, that double-wave is also echoing backwards in time.  Both waves are affecting you and the two waves are interfering with each other, like the pebbles in the pond.  Thus, all the positive and negative waves of the future are changing and strengthening or diminishing each other.  They are converging and co-mingling with the thousands of other energy waves you have lobbed into the future.  And, they are returning like a boomerang as a mish-mash or energy stew!  Every single future you have thrown out is having an impact on you, even those negative futures that you will never experience.

Some of you at this point may be thinking – “oh! oh!  I have sent out some terrible futures – what can be done about that?”  In my private practice, with certain clients, I will share and describe the concept of future creation as outlined above.  For example, a professional woman was referred to me who had experienced two failed marriages, recently had to declare bankruptcy and was diagnosed with a serious health problem.  As she continued with her despair and litany of failures in her life, upon reflection she said, “You must think that I am a negaholic.”  I agreed!

As we developed the idea of optimal versus nightmare futures, she caught on very quickly to provide the insight – “I think I have been making the present conform to my awful past.” From that moment on, she turned a mental corner and began breathing life into more optimal, encouraging and optimistic futures.  Our sessions are still a work in progress but, she now has a better paying job, she reconciled with her daughter who she had not spoken to in two years, and despite the former bitterness towards men, she is reaching out socially and is taking salsa lessons in the hope of meeting someone with whom she can redefine her perception of relationships.  The future creates the present against the background of some of our past.

Thus, as we begin mentally rehearsing and visualizing desired outcomes in different areas of our lives, we are breathing life into and creating an optimal, brilliant future – which will result in a returning echo wave that we will ‘step into’ – and collapse all the other possible futures.  The background of our past and our beliefs can influence the type of future we create.  I will have more to say about this in my next blog when I discuss one of the most successful books in recent times, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

2 Responses to “The Future Creates the Present – NOT the Past!”

  1. Richard Lynch says:

    Whenever i have a number of positive events they are almost always followed by a series of negative situations which are 99.9% unrelated to the initial events.It is like if my good fortune triggers a backlash of negativity.It is like a cycle that invariably repeats itself.
    Do you think that maybe i am triggering these by expecting them?

  2. Guy Ellis says:

    Interesting thoughts, or at least the idea. As the timeline is seen from human perspecive as moving in one direction only. But many disciplines of the past used to perceive the timeline as a circle or a spiral. I used to see too timelines as a child and recently – through shedding the ego’s – I have reawakened to the two old spirals I saw within from early childhood.
    Thanks for the article.

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