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We need your help!  We are currently asking for testimonials from YOU to be included on this website. If you have used the following products by Dr. Pulos, we would love your feedback!

– Overcoming Depression

– Overcoming Addictions

– Overcoming Fears

– Sleep & Dream Enhancement

– Build Confidence & Self Esteem

– Weight Loss

– Reduce Stress

– Deep Trance Identification

– Emotional Freedom Technique DVD

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We respect your privacy and all testimonials will remain annonymous.

Thank you!

One Response to “Testimonials”

  1. Michael Hetherman says:

    Good Day Lee and Ellah.

    I hope both of you and your loved ones are well.

    You deserve praise Lee and Ellah–see below:

    “Lee Pulos is a true leader in his field. Any product or program by Lee, has always helped me,including,”Builing Confidence and Self-Esteem.” Lee even takes your phone calls and anwsers his own phone to field your queries. If you don’t have the program yet,purchase Lee’s “The Biology Of Empowerment,” and Lee’s program,like all his wonderful products,will take you to a brave new world.

    “I’m blessed to have found Lee Pulos, and I consider Lee and his assistant Ellah cherished friends.”

    Hope this praise helps!

    Stay well Lee and Ellah.



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