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Secrets of Manifestation

I wrote a blog on the mysteries of manifestation over five years ago. Since many of my clients are requesting techniques and “how to’s” for manifesting or creating different realities or outcomes in their lives, I thought I would update that information and provide you with another (and my favorite) manifestation technique.
The three most basic tools of manifestation are trust, expectation and power.
Trust – is to trust totally in yourself and release and to completely release any doubts about failure. To trust whatever programming technique you decide to use will work.
The second energy of manifestation is Expectation – which seems to ignite a certain magic – the alchemy of mind and spirit – so that we can, like the medieval alchemist, transmute the lead of our self-doubt and negativity into the gold of our dreams and optimal futures.
An article in a psychiatric journal by psychiatrist Dr. Berthold Schwarz titled “Ordeals by Serpents, Fire and Strychnine” mesmerized me and reinforced how powerful trust, expectation and faith can be.
Dr. Schwarz described himself as a non-sectarian Protestant and he attended a number of revival meetings of the Free Pentecostal Holiness Church – with locations in the rural sections of Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. On a number of occasions he witnessed men, in some form of devotion or exaltation allowed themselves to be bitten by rattlesnakes and copperheads. Then, during this “ecstasy”, they held flaming coals in their hands and they placed their hands over acetylene flames – without injury – and finally would drink a toxic dose of strychnine-sulfate solution without any injury or deaths. Again, the power of faith – expectation and trust that they would be protected by a higher force (in their belief system – God) created an immunity that Dr. Schwarz said is “beyond reason – beyond explanation”.
A third energy of manifestation is that you do have Power. Power is the ability and willingness to act – to create – and to put into action the emotional strengths of imagination, dreaming and visioning. As we expand our consciousness as to what is possible, we also expand and allow more power into our lives.
Some people have a tendency to give their power away to the past – or to limiting beliefs or to forces beyond their control. The recognition of power is not enough. You need to recognize that you do have power – overt and latent. Unclaimed powers are like unclaimed successes or potential for success. We all have deep pools of power with varying degrees and strength. These pools of strength or power would include creativity, courage, the drive to love or to be of service, curiosity, the emotional strengths of dreaming, visioning, leadership, passion and compassion, the drive to achieve, the capacity to forgive and to be original and innovative in our communication.
Now – let us look at some of the more ancient techniques of manifestation that go back two or three thousand years. Ormond McGill is a world class stage hypnotist and magician. He has written what have been referred to as the encyclopaedias of both stage hypnosis and Magic for Magicians. Ormond was a man of great integrity and curiosity and a dear friend that I considered to be one of my mentors.
In his early career, Ormond traveled all over the far east – India, China, the Philippines – New Guinea – Borneo – Vietnam – Tibet – Central Africa and Brazil investigating and documenting technique of what could be called mental magic – or manifestation. Each culture had its own technique of high magic and he documented many of these ancient practices in his book Religious Mysteries of the Orient.

In Ormond’s discussions with many advanced masters in India – they all said much the same thing – that – chitta – is the stilled lake of the mind – stuff – the pulsating potential – below the surface of our reality – the basic vibrations from which we manifest our reality – goals – dreams – or – high magic. Chitta sounds very much like David Bohm’s implicate order or the zero point field – the sub-atomic realm of pure potential – which is timeless.
Common to all forms of high magic is visualization – which is employed in all phases of real magic in India. Many of the practitioners of magic would use the crystal ball to develop and increase their ability to visualize more clearly – which would help increase their mind power for thought projection.
In Tibet – young adepts preparing to become monks would visualize a mandala – which is a beautiful colored image representing balance and harmony. They would practise until they could concentrate and hold and sustain the image in their mind’s eye. The average person cannot sustain focussed concentration for more than eleven seconds – without wandering. Then – to test their ability for focussed and intense concentration – they would be taken to an elevation of 8000 feet or so – they would remove their saffron robe and sit naked and motionless in a lotus position – while their master or teacher would dip the robe in the icy water of a stream – then wrap it around the adept. The task of the adept would be to go into a deep meditative or hypnotic state – mentally turn on the inner flame of heat in their solar plexus – the so-called power center in eastern lore – and dry the robe. This process is called TUMO and they must do that seven times before the sun comes up.
Another culture which shares similar teaching and goes back over 3,000 years is the Huna or Kahuna spiritual philosophy of Hawaii and Polynesia. Huna means the Secret and the fundamental idea in Huna philosophy is that we each create our own personal experience of reality by our beliefs – interpretations – actions – reactions – thoughts and feelings – and that we are creating and are co-creators with the universe itself. Huna is all about learning to do that consciously.
There are also three deceptively simple guide lines for the practise of Huna:
Bless the Present
Trust Yourself
Expect the Best

Kirsten Zambucka – a gifted artist – and interpreter of Huna – has also written on the Huna philosophy and her book – Ano Ano – The Seed provides a more lyrical and poetic expression of Huna that speaks more to the heart – than to the mind.
There was a great deal of confusion for the Hawaiians as they were described as “heathens” for practising their ancient rites and Huna traditions and described as “immoral” for their liberal and healthy attitude towards sex and for their belief in Mana – the life force – which emanated from a great universal source. They were forbidden to perform what was called “lewd and lascivious” – the hula dance which the Hawaiians themselves considered “an extension of the soul”.
Following, is one of the lyrics or sonnets from Ano Ano. It is called –
(Making the Seed)
Form a clear unwavering picture in your mind…of the condition or object you desire.
Be very careful of the details of your picture for the subconscious mind that will receive it is sharply accurate…
And you will get the exact replica of what you envisage.
Forget the old condition entirely…let it fall away from your minds.
Clearly see the new desired state.
Paint the picture carefully inside your head…and resist any changing of your mind.
Act then as if you have already received the condition for which you asked.
Feel it already upon you with the love or joy or whatever emotion you would experience as if it were so.
Act it out.
For this subconscious mind of which we speak…this unihipil is like a child.
It loves pictures and will respond also to any emotional surge you project to it.
Daily thereafter gather mana by taking four deep breaths and offer it as a gift to God within you.
Then after this offering each day, recall the “seed picture” of your desire and offer it anew also…to the same higher consciousness within yourself.
This practice will strengthen the picture and make it clearer as it nears the stage where it will take form.
Until your seed bears the fruit…hold it close to you as a secret…
For any mention of its contents to another will spill its power to reach fruition.
Wash out all your doubts…they can so discourage the subconscious that the daily rite will be interrupted and your fruit will “wither on the vine”.

That ancient ritual is the essence of our mental re-programming but expressed in a manner that is much more powerful – elegant and to the point – than many of we authors have spent chapters and thousands of words trying to explain.
I hope this will help you remember what you already know – but have perhaps forgotten that you know it.
Dr. Lee Pulos Ph.D. ABPP

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