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More intellectual hiccups

It is that time again.  Following is a further collection of naughty irreverence, quotes, reflective meanderings, bon mots, cheeky impudence, mischievious playfulness and speculative anarchy (I will be repeating a few of my favorites from a previous “hiccups” blog).

  • Our five senses provide a flat view of reality – dealing only with the most apparent surface.
  • With respect to health in some cases – religious has glorified and elevated suffering to a prime virtue.
  • Creativism suffers from emotional and logical sloppiness.
  • Our physical universe is a thin molecular crust of the complete universe
  • There are different cultural flavors of entities from fairies, elves and plant spirits to the pantheon of Gods.
  • Dreams can be diagnostic: taking the emotional temperature of the dreamer.  i.e there is very little activity in dreams of people who are depressed.
  • All your thoughts and beliefs create your individual energetic signature.
  • People without goals are stuck on an emotional sandbar.
  • For many people, reincarnational experiences and beliefs are a kind of common sense knowledge.
  • Dreams loosen the reasoning minds tight hold on perception.
  • Bitterness is like eating poison in the hope the other person dies.
  • Intercessionary prayer (Dear God – Thy Will Be Done) is four times more effective than petitionary prayer (Dear God – I want to win the lotto) – based on Dr. Larry Dossey’s book, Healing Words.
  • In each lifetime a cosmic passion play?
  • Science without religion is lame.  Religion without science is blind – Einstein
  • Many theories in science are intellectually safe but ultimately sterile.
  • LSD – chemically enforced temporary insanity where the conscious mind is powerless i.e. a chemical assault on the psyche.
  • Thoughts and beliefs are like viruses – they can be beneficial or harmful.
  • Natural guilt – though shall not violate i.e. kill more than is needed for sustenance or harm others without apologizing and making amends.  Unnatural guilt – created by medieval and church authorities to control and punish.
  • We frequently marinate our minds with negativity and fear.
  • Why are some “spirit guides” so saccharine?
  • I feel inferior – not a statement of fact but of emotion
  • Changing beliefs is like changing an ocean liners direction – it takes time.
  • If you don’t weave your own dreams – you will be woven into other people’s dreams.
  • Approach with curiosity rather than something to prove.
  • The rich inner world of consciousness is more than neurophysiological epiphenomenon
  • Karma implies a moral casualty.
  • Facts can be overturned by evidence – dogma is impervious to facts.
  • Is our spiritual life in some instances being “fossilized” into ritual and dogma?
  • Limiting beliefs that are reinforced by negative self-talk are life the constant repetition and reinforcement of a hypnotist.
  • A great deal of natural therapy and healing takes place in our dream states.
  • Life may not follow our conscious desires but life does follow our beliefs.
  • Not making a decision in itself is a decision.
  • Life is not meant to feel “better than” or “less than” others (low self-esteem) but to become “more than” what you think you are capable of (high self-esteem).
  • Science ignores the affirmation of the human heart.
  • We need to believe in the six impossible things before breakfast – the Queen in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Limiting science to reductionistic, materialistic and atheistic explanations is indeed anti-scientific since it predetermines its outcome before doing the science itself.
  • The conscious mind is not educated enough to know the body can heal itself.
  • The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical.  It is the power and art of all true science – Einstein
  • Nightmares and inner-regulated “Shock therapy”.
  • In some religious philosophies there has been a demonization of impulses leading to an undercurrent of beliefs that we are sinful.
  • Take your power back from the past and experience the expansive emotions of wonder, ecstasy, joy, love, enthusiasm and optimism
  • Unfortunately, many of us experience an anthropocentric conceit – forgetting that we share the world with wondrous creatures that in many ways share the same innocence as children.
  • With all our new “toys” – cell phones, ipads, computers, social media and more – we spend our days in a multi-sensory typhoon.

    And my all time favorite…

  • Does God really care about your personal Theology?



Lee Pulos, Ph.D., ABPP

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