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Metaphors of Healing

Greetings!  In this blog, I would like to focus on how each country has their own culture specific metaphor of healing.

Shamans, or technicians of the sacred, are the oldest group of healers going back at least 20,000 years.  Tribally, they are considered to be magico – religious professionals who at first must experience a psychotic breakdown which lends to a breakthrough of consciousness.  They are then able to travel out-of-body into other domains and retrieve the necessary information for healing from benevolent spirit animals.  They also meet with the negative or evil entities responsible for the illness and work out a bargain to engage them in the healing process.

The “modern” roots of healing began in China over 5000 years ago and their healing metaphor is that the body is like a garden.  The human landscape embodies the primal forces of nature – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water – that organize the body’s inner air, rivers and mountains.  The primary healing metaphor is Qi – a universal subtle energy and the force that sustains life.  The existence of Qi has been validated in a number of laboratories and illness develops when there is a depletion of Qi in one or more of the twelve meridians that circulate energy to all parts of the body.

The Philippine healers or so-called spiritual or psychic surgeons claim their healing metaphor is the power of Saints, such as Saint Joseph or Saint Beatrice, who channel energies through the healer while he or she is in a deeply altered trance-like state.  The healer is then able to either create an opening of the body with their bare hands or materialize a tumor or tissue representing the illness.  Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, I have witnessed thousands of psychic openings of the body and on two occasions was invited to place my hands inside the opening and pulled my hand back covered with warm, wet blood.

The healing metaphor in Brazil is the spirits of individuals who were formally doctors or surgeons that return to the earth plane and perform crude surgeries with crude instruments using the healer as their channel.  The patient is not anesthetized and feels no pain, there is no infection despite the non-sterile environment.  One Brazillian psychic surgeon in trance would incorporate the spirit of a deceased German doctor and bark out orders in German during surgery but when in his state of normal alert consciousness, he would have no recollection of the surgery, nor could he speak any language other than Portuguese.

In Africa, ancestors are allegedly the source of healing as they channel their energy or information through Sangomas or witch doctors who then perform the appropriate ceremonies.  When I was in Togo, West Africa, I spent several days with a Sangoma who claimed all his powers came from several of his ancestors.  He and his wife invited me for dinner one evening and as a demonstration of his power, he pointed his finger at a chicken which was 15 or 20 feet away in his back yard.  His face went “a little strange” as he was pointing and the chicken fell over – dead – and became our dinner.  Needless to say – I hope he would never have occasion to point his finger at me.

Ancient Greece had over 165 ‘sleep temples’ where people would attend for healing – particularly dream healing.  While a person was guided into reverie or the twilight state of sleep, the temple priest or priestess would involve one of the gods from the pantheon of gods to provide the healing information while the person remained in the borderline theta-state of consciousness which is highly open and receptive to suggestions.

In a rather harsh metaphor of western medicine, Internest Dr. Larry Dossey pointed out that in our culture, the body is viewed as a machine that can be dismantled into smaller and smaller constituent parts with the heart as a pump, the lungs as bellows, the joints as gears, the brain as a computer, the eye as a camera and so forth.  The outlook of medicine is war on disease with the doctor as general, disease as the enemy and the patient as occupied territory – and the goal is to eradicate symptoms and maximize performance.  The only tools are to cut (surgery), burn (radiation) or poison (pharmaceuticals) – which have become the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

I have a much more charitable view of our western medicine but for some people, the machine metaphor certainly applies.

There are dozens of other cultures with similar or differing metaphors of healing but Dreamhealer Adam upholds a scientific metaphor for his healing protocol.  He self-induces a rather deep and profound level of trance and then projects himself into the third ventricle or near the center of the brain of the client which in ancient literature is described as the Cave of Brahma or the Crystal Palace and is considered the source of our so-called Third Eye – through which we obtain intuitive insights.

According to Osteopathic surgeon Dr. John Upledger, the founder of Cranial Sacral Therapy, the cerebrospinal system is the seat of all experience in the body. The cerebrospinal fluid is in constant motion through the Cave of Brahma (third ventricle), the other ventricles and throughout the complete cranio-sacral nervous system.

Shamans, mystics, healers and visionaries of many cultures have gone into the “Cave of Brahma” for many healing and transformative experiences.  In deep meditation, as one’s eyes look upwards and within with practice, in the center of the Cave of Brahma, one can begin to sense a “scintillating white star” which will become brighter and brighter as one goes into a deeper meditative state.  Have you noticed how many paintings of saints, when you look at their eyes – all you can see is the whites of their eyes – suggesting that they are looking inward to the Cave of Brahma.

Back to Dreamhealer Adam – while he has projected his consciousness to the clients “cave” he senses what he calls the “quantum hologram” or holographic mini-map of the person and their health issues.  With intent, compassion and focus, Adam then projects healing energy to transmute the dissonance or negative resonance or vibrations into consonance and the optimal vibrations for health and healing.

Based on the discussions with Adam and my review of the mystical literature of the Cave of Brahma, I have developed a powerful hypnotic healing process incorporating the metaphor of the “Cave” and have successfully utilized it with many clients.  More importantly, I have taught several clients how to practice and employ this powerful self-hypnosis, self-healing metaphor/technique on their own.


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