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Magic: Toward A Re-enchantment of the World

Dear Bloggers,

The following is a “Letter from the President” that I sent to all the members of our hypnosis society.

Several of our members enjoyed the letter so much they suggested I should send it off as a blog – so here it is – enjoy!

As many of my friends and colleagues know, I spent over 18 years travelling many times to Brazil, Africa, The Philippines, Mexico and India investigating, filming and writing a book about non-ordinary, “magical” phenomena including psychic surgery, psychokinesis,  bilocation and other very extraordinary marvels and curiosities

There are many other ethnographic reports of shamanic type demonstrations of precognition, materialization of matter, out of body travel and levitation.   Rogo (1), in his intensive study of miracles, cites levitation as the most commonly eye-witnessed spectacle among saints.   More than two hundred separate cases have been documented.   The most authentic evidence corroborated the levitation of St. Theresa of Avila and St. Joseph of Cupertino.   St Joseph’s levitations usually occurred in full light, outdoors and were seen by hundreds of witnesses.

Anthropologists have been reporting on shamanism and associated magical abilities for almost two hundred years.   Their observations have included such feats as fire-walking and fire-immunity, transteleportation,  psychokinesis and weather control.

In a recent review of 87 parapsychological studies, it was reported that hypnosis, visualization, induced relaxation and sensory deprivation significantly improved the minds ability to escape its tight tether to the body so that it could expand its parasensory and paranormal abilities.

It has been suggested that one of the basic principles of magic is the law of similarity – The belief that one can produce a desired result by imitating it.  That is, visualizing a desired outcome is essential to any magical practise or mental alchemy.

Today, of course, hundreds of courses on visualization have been taught to athletes, corporations, individuals with serious health issues and anyone who wishes to create a more optimal future.

Another important quality of most magical traditions is the importance of expectation and the anticipation of a desired outcome or result.   All double blind experiments are predicated on the power of expectation and how to control for its effect.

In order for the effectiveness of visualization and expectation to be maximized they must be amplified with strong emotion and enthusiasm and a deep knowing that the goal being programmed will be manifested.

Of course, the core energy to any successful outcome – be it shamanic, therapeutic or goal directed is the central role of belief.   I have written extensively on the importance of beliefs and how every area of our lives is a printout of our beliefs.   In addition, there are now over 400 different therapeutic techniques throughout the world and everyone of them emphasizes the importance of belief change for therapeutic success.   Passionate belief is the chaotic attractor that lifts chaos into order.

Not that long ago, at least up to the eve of the scientific revolution, the view of nature that dominated thinking was that of an enchanted world.  Rocks, trees, rivers and clouds were all seen as wondrous, alive and human beings felt at home in the magical environment.   The cosmos, in short was a place of belonging.  A member of this world was not an alien observer of it but a direct participant in its drama – a participating consciousness, in contrast to the modern epoch which is one of progressive disenchantment that scientific historians refer to as a “mechanical philosophy”.

Yet, it is not that dark, and a new animism is emerging, where consciousness is being re-enchanted with advances in hypnosis, mental imagery, prayer, self-responsibility, meditation and the reintroducing  of consciousness into healing once again.  Even more exciting, is rediscovering one of the shamanic traditions that mind is non local, where one’s consciousness, with intent, can affect the body of another consciousness, at a distance.

But what can we, as individuals, do to begin connecting and helping us re-enchant ourselves and our destiny.   Perhaps we must follow what Herman Hesse called “the whispering of our blood” – our intuitions, hunches and best bets.

At the end of my book, Miracles and Other Realities, I wrote that after seeing miracle after miracle in my travels, I became convinced that too often, we substitute shallow and frivolous technologies of consciousness for authentic myth, magic and mystery.

But what can miracles teach us?

  • Miracles will help relieve us of our cerebral chauvinism – our hard hat model of consciousness and help loosen our tight mechanistic grasp of how we view the world.
  • Miracles will help shift the tectonic plates of consciousness and expand our apertures of consciousness.
  • Miracles will help do away with the cerebral apartheid of many scientists who consider the right brain to be a second class citizen.
  • Miracles, of course imply that the mind is non local and can create action at a distance.

All this implies, that there is an underlying unity, an  energy sea of consciousness in which we are imbedded – and thereby interconnected with each other.

Finally, for me, the belief in miracles means that we can attract what we focus on and believe.  Miracles represent the opportunity for a personal re-enchantment and can lead us to our roots and nourish a rediscovery of our basic beingness and yes – our spirituality.

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