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Intellectual Hiccups


This blog will be quite different than what has been offered in previous presentations.

Following is a collection of naughty irreverence, quotes, reflective meanderings, bon mots, cheeky impudence, mischievious playfulness and speculative anarchy.

  • One of the intellectual contortions in science – in order to preserve certain theories is that the universe sprang from nothing into something in a billion billionth of a second.
  • Psychedelic experiences and dreams are chemical cousins.
  • Memories are not stored in the wet ware of the brain but in the interpenetrating fields in and around the body (it was Einstein who stated that “everything is in the field”).
  • Also from Einstein… “Light is the shadow of God”.
  • Are all the magical gadgets that allow us to text, tweet, react, blurt getting in the way of our humanity?  Does technology in some instances distort or blunt relationships?
  • Is dark matter that cannot be seen and composes 90 percent of the universe the unconscious of the universe – a dark realm that conditions and forms the galaxies and their interactions
  • Does God really care about your personal theology?
  • We need spiritual telescopes to look into the subconscious – so we can regain our wisdom and out of our historical amnesia.
  • You are the interior decorator of your own psyche.  How narrow or expansive are your mental shorelines?
  • When you catch yourself negative self-talking, constructively ask yourself – why am I doing so?
  • Are some children being raised in a culture of entitlement, self-indulgence and celebrity rather than a genuine sense of responsibility, discipline and judgment?
  • This life is too short to be preoccupied with pain from the past.
  • Some people have a knack for turning gold into lead.
  • Our society focuses on the exaggerated dangers of drugs yet offers dangerous drugs which are the fourth highest source of death in the United States as a method of therapy.
  • Why do skeptics never question their own dogmas?
  • What happens when we die and miss our respective shuttle busses to our corresponding Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroaster etc. heavens?
  • Definition of insanity – stockpiling thousands of nuclear weapons to preserve peace.
  • For some people, dogma is being utilized to masquerade as faith.
  • The unknown is more feared by science than it ever way by religion.
  • Reason alone leads to a true/false kind of world as if the deepest philosophical questions could be answered by some kind of multiple choice test.
  • Animal research – a biological immorality using the ends to justify the means.
  • Tribes used to do group dreaming.  The dreamers would go out of body, in various directions to determine the best direction to migrate for food, shelter, etc.  Our morning TV is a “manufactured dream” to serve a similar purpose.
  • According to Darwin and Freud – “a man is flawed” – survival is the prime goal.  But survival without meaning.
  • Never tell anyone what to do except face up to the full abilities of their consciousness.
  • Men who are brought up to be ashamed of the ‘feminine’ sides of their nature cannot be expected to respect women.  Women who are taught to be ashamed of the ‘masculine’ sides of their nature cannot be expected to respect men.
  • We limit our intellect by giving it only ‘facts’ to go on.  Yet the “power” is in the deeper, inner, grander intuitive reality of our minds.
  • If you examine your own life carefully, the challenges you have set for yourself will become apparent.
  • Oh to regain the spiritual, physical and playful elasticity of youth.
  • Men/women live by those values that science ignores – love, honesty, desire, passion, intuition, compassion.
  • You can never experience a thought – only a thought about a thought.
  • We are threatening the survival of our own planet in order to increase life’s conveniences.
  • Are some visitors from outer space dream travelers from other dimensions of realty – just as we intrude into other realities in our dreams?
  • There are many corridors of consciousness and psychological activity.  Modern psychology does not yet have a concept of the self or ego to begin to explain mystical transcendent, paranormal and other such realities.
  • Many people focus on their fears rather than their goals.  Much like the archer who focuses on what can go wrong rather than the target and “pulls” to the left – reinforcing his fear.
  • After all the hundreds and hundreds of healings and healing modalities I have witnessed in the Philippines, Mexico, West Africa, Brazil and India my most important learning is – everything heals someone, nothing heals everyone, nothing heals forever.
  • While visualization, affirmations or belief statements are important for creating an optimal future or achieving goals – the emotional intensity that you pump into the words or pictures of your goal are by far more powerful and effective.
  • Be careful of the “gods” and beliefs you choose – for you will reinforce each other.
  • Science should be reprimanded when it tries to pretend that our experience is limited only to other events that science can explain.
  • Your symptoms (or problem) are your friend – symptoms are a signal from your body/subconscious that a creative change is needed in your life.
  • People with self-esteem issues or emotional underachievers require great amounts of praise and attention from others since he or she will get very little from themselves.
  • Note posted under the windshield of a car – “Learn to park you stuppid bitch”.
  • Forgiveness is the fragrance left by the violet on the heel that crushed it. – Mark Twain
  • Pain, fear and strugglr are not the only elements of growth – why not joy, love and elegance (the least amount of effort with the maximum amount of reward).
  • When you judge others – you are not defining the other person – you are defining yourself.  Judgment freezes you in the past.  Judgments are a ‘punishment’ that diminish you.
  • To forgive is to set a ‘prisoner’ free and discover the prisoner was you. – Lewis Smedes
  • Bigamy is having one wife or husband too many.  Monogamy is the same. – Oscar Wilde
  • Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Natural guilt – no penance is necessary, I am sorry – I won’t do that again.  Unnatural guilt – created by the medieval church authorities to control and to punish.
  • Disease is a rupture in one’s harmony.  Healing – finding a way to reweave the rupture.
  • Our cosmic laws are just a local ordinance.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mind like a Swiss Army knife?
  • On some occasions, it helps to hide behind a fig leaf of embarrassment.
  • Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  • The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. – Emily Dickenson
  • If you can’t forgive a person, it is like letting them live in your head rent free. – from Alcoholics Anonymous
  • If you don’t believe you create your reality – you will create a reality to prove you don’t create your reality ie victimhood. – Seth
  • Whack the next guy with the same respect you’d like to be whacked with, you know? – Tony Soprano, Episode Twelve

To be continued…


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