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Intellectual Hiccups: Part Two

Greetings! To continue with scandalizing your intellects, more cheekiness, bon mots, cerebral aberrations, standing on logical shaky stilts and hopefully, some humorous silliness:

  • As we move into higher thresholds of consciousness, we come closer to divine perplexity.
  • The eye of Horus on the Great Seal of U.S. dollar bills is the radiant seeing-emitter of light to ward off the “evil eye”.
  • The dragons or gods of the unconscious have been defeated by the gods of law and order.
  • You are a victim only once. The second time you are a volunteer. – from Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Socrates was the son of a sculptor and midwife. Few people know that he was a fierce warrior and decorated for valor in battles with Sparta.
  • We can choose to grow by pain and suffering or by love, laughter and the celebration of life.
  • Old Middle Eastern saying – “Trust everyone but tie up your camel at night”.
  • Depth and mystery of life exceeds all our possible explanations.
  • You either do or do not. There is no try. – Yoda
  • The Amazing Randi – his sole talent is unrelenting skepticism to the point of virtual blindness i.e. if it is not in his narrow paradigm it cannot exist or is a trick or delusion.
  • More important than the disease – is the person who has the disease.
  • Turn the other cheek is a method of avoiding violence – not accepting it.
  • Confuscious began life as the police chief of his home town.
  • Bad relationships – like being stuck on an emotional sandbar.
  • Former Harvard psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary utilized LSD, music and readings with habitual criminals. One year later, 80% were not back in jail. The current recidivist rate – 70% to 80% of criminals are back in jail within one year.
  • Recently seen – a cow in the parking lot of a supermarket carrying a sign…”eat more fish”.
  • Recently reported research from Heartmath Institute in Boulder, California – There are millions of brain cells or neural tissue in both the heart and gut.
  • Cretan philosopher Epimenides…”All Cretans are liars”. This classical paradox (is Cretan Epimenides lying or telling the truth?) is seditious to orthodox logic.
  • A tumor is the uppermost branch of an illness. What is the root?
  • The terror of fear – one woman actually encouraged her husband’s alcoholism so she wouldn’t have to face her own failures.
  • It is tough to make predictions – especially about the future. – Yogi Berra
  • He is a self-made man who truly loves his maker.
  • Weird – everyday meaning = strange. Older meaning of the work = spirit. Even older meaning = fate.
  • Jesus’ vision went beyond the God to be feared to the God to be loved.
  • Woody Allen on reincarnation…”Pack an extra pair of underwear for the funeral and beyond”.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • The expanding universe theory applies to the mind as well as the universe.
  • Four percent of all the two million plus prisoners in U.S. are innocent. Four percent of all prisoners who were executed were innocent.
  • Replace the limiting belief – ‘love hurts’ with the empowering belief ‘love heals’.
  • Consciousness, lucid dreaming and out of body experiences should be the new laboratory of physics rather than the reductionist particle accelerators and hadron colliders.
  • The past is like the image in a car’s rear view mirror – it keeps changing as we move forward in space and time.
  • You must derange the senses in order to obtain the unknown – Jim Morrison
  • Ten million cells die and are replaced every second in our bodies.
  • Infants/toddlers hear a No! every nine minutes which interrupts the will to learn and learn by making mistakes.
  • There are a lot of ‘sickly saints’ and ‘healthy sinners’.
  • The secret of life is to fall six times and get up seven.
  • Medical Voodoo – “hanging black crepe” and pronouncing when you are going to die i.e. death sentences.
  • A shaggy dogma theory emerges when we are barking up the wrong psychological tree.
  • Shamans are practitioners of an archaic style of healing – masters of ecstatic states – technicians of the sacred.
  • Entities are a parallel taxonomy in other continuums of reality.
  • The uroboric symbol of the snake with its tail in its mouth is an ancient symbol of eternity.
  • We must learn to develop mental anti-bodies to neutralize toxic thoughts.
  • Drugs hijack our dopamine system and dopamine is involved in neuroplasticity.
  • Watching porn triggers the release of dopamine which leads to sexual excitement.
  • Deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing cleanses the lymph system ten times faster than ordinary breathing by raising the oxygen level in cells leading to more energy.
  • Bitterness is like eating poison in the hope the other person dies.
  • One expressed emotion equals 1400 biochemical changes. What is your emotional diet like?
  • Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical. – Yogi Berra
  • Einstein acknowledged two Gods. One, he believed in like the pantheism of Spinoza – the God who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists – not the punitive God who concerns himself with the fate and action of all humans.
  • The older growth forests of the mind contain a lot of wisdom – let us learn how to probe deeper and explore our cognitive underbrush.
  • Do not give up any of your bad habits – you will need them to understand your mate. – Milton Erickson
  • Biophotons (light) and sound are constantly being released from every cell – every moment.
  • Because of science’s emphasis upon the exterior rational, logical and reductionist – ESP, telepathy and remote viewing are made to appear as highly unnatural eccentricities rather than natural components of consciousness.
  • Intuition is important but let us not rob the intellect of its right to congratulate itself for all its inventions, technology and all of the exciting advances of science.
  • Mainstream scientists defend established theories – Maverick scientists are on the cutting edge exploring alternative theories.
  • Some people choose to go through life with just the ‘pilot light’ on – enough to ‘keep warm’ but not to ‘cook with all burners’ and make life an adventure.
  • There are three psychic food groups – love, sex and money.
  • Dispense with any limiting ideological crutches and help yourself to an extra portion of nonsense.
  • Hypnosis – is going into trance so as to assign new meaning to one’s problems.
  • Prolonged pain causes the brain to shrink i.e. the longer one suffers there is a loss of grey matter or neurons.
  • The vocal chords of the soul is imagination.
  • Do some New Agers suffer from spiritual conceit?
  • Your thoughts are your currency – stop buying the shit you don’t want. – Wayne Dyer
  • Life is not meant to feel “better than” or “less than” others (low self-esteem) – but to become “more than”, pushing beyond your learned limitations (high self-esteem).
  • One of the most enigmatic quotes attributed to Jesus in the Bible – “Before I was – I am.”
  • Spiritual Alchemy – install your intent or goal with as much emotional intensity as possible – then release it with expectation and joy.
  • We need to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. – Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

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