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I’m back!

Greetings everyone – I am back!

My apologies for such a long break since my last blog, October (2012). I began experiencing a series of major bleeds in my knee (the pain level would go to a 14 – yes a 14 on a 10 point scale).

Finally, after waiting for a surgery date, my orthopedic surgeon opened up my knee to find out what was causing the bleeding.  No luck – couldn’t find anything and the recovery from surgery took much longer than I thought.  The good news – haven’t had a bleed since.

As some of my friends know, I spent over 18 years traveling to Brazil, Mexico, Africa, and the Philippines investigating non-ordinary healing practices and psychic surgery.  I had even considered going back to Brazil or the Philippines for psychic surgery but decided to trust that whatever my surgeon did would work.  And so far, it has.

However, I think it is important to share what other healing modalities are being utilized in different cultures.  I hope the following will not give you a bad case of at best – intellectual hiccups – and at worst, intellectual indigestion.

In Brazil, I worked with a functionally illiterate woman named Maria who – using just a pair of scissors would open up a patient’s body – no anesthetic – no anaspesis – no antibiotics – no pain.  With a professional CBC cinematographer – we filmed several “operations”.  For example, after snipping a gaping wound in a 28 year old man’s stomach, flies and wafting dust everywhere, the table surrounded by curious onlookers and relatives – she removed what looked like a tumor – pinched the sides of the open wound together – sealed it with a band aid – no suturing – and the patient would be helped off the table – and an hour later he was kicking a soccer ball with his son.

Maria never accepted any money and whatever donations were made, she bought bandages and antibiotics which she would give her patients when indicated.  She also had anywhere from 6 to 8 orphans, or abandoned children living with her in her modest home that she cared for.  She was truly a saint who not only performed miracles three days a week but also had a heart and spirit that transcended anything I had ever seen in my travels.

In her simplistic way, Maria attributed her special gifts to the “highest spirit” but she also alluded to deeper realities that sounded more and more like the quantum world of Bohm’s implicate order.

Maria, at least on two occasions, was reported to have bi-located – was in two places at the same time.  We were in her clinic one morning when a man rushed in excitedly and said that he had just spent 20 minutes with Maria in his village 11 kilometers away.  He knew this was her clinic day yet she suddenly appeared and began tending to his very sick son who had a belly full of parasites from swimming in the river.  He went into the next room, came back – and she was gone.  We had been filming her for the past three hours and she never left our sight.

When, through our interpreter later, I questioned her at length and despite her humility and modesty about her gifts – she quietly acknowledged that she answered the “call of spirit” to attend to the young boy who was in great pain – yet carry on with the people lined up for treatment in her clinic.

Scott Rogo, in his book Miracles, cited several well documented cases of bilocation including Padre Pio of Italy and that of Blessed Angelo of Acvi who was seen simultaneously tending a flock of sheep and conducting Mass at different churches.  In his intensive study of miracles, Rogo refers to over 200 authenticated and witnessed miracles by Saints that occurred primarily in Catholic countries like Italy, Brazil, France and Portugal.

One must wonder – why do miracles occur primarily in Catholic cultures?  Could it be that when one is conditioned to believe in and expect miracles they manifest what they know is possible?

In our culture of course – miracles are beyond our belief barriers and we rarely, if ever, will experience the mysteries and authentic magic of a deeper reality.

Our scientists refer to anything outside our sensory domain as paranormal.  These phenomena are not paranormal as they are happening quite often in cultures that allow and support shamans – or technicians of the sacred.  They are certainly paraconceptual as we do not have a paradigm or model to explain true magic – sleight of mind perhaps rather than sleight of hand.

The whole purpose of my sharing my experience with Maria is not to amaze, but to enlighten and to help free us from our conceptual pigeon holes.  Perhaps we have all been taken in by the tunnel vision of western shamans – our scientists.  Perhaps we can begin appreciating more our connectedness with each other and to realize that as we shift our belief system of what is possible, this will ignite and active our hidden, untapped potential and allow us to program successes in every area of our life much more easily and elegantly than ever before.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, we must dehypnotize ourselves from our limiting belief trances and societal consensual trances to become much more than we think is possible.  Only then can we connect with our true essence – our real personal power.

4 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Peggy Casey says:

    Hi Dr Pulos

    My spouse Brent used to see you in Van before moving over here to Ctny. We are doing great,thank you!
    We both attended a conference with Adam Dreamhealer last year and unexplainaable healing happened for us as well. there are some people who as you say have a gift.

    Thank You Peggy and Brent

  2. Sylvia Currie says:

    Hi Lee.
    You will probably not remember me….but I knew you when I worked at UBC psych OPD many years ago.(Paul Termansen was clinical chief of the clinic at the time ) I was always impressed with your vast knowledge base of so many levels of healing and the power of the mind body phenomena.

    I totally enjoy reading your online articles. Find them very informative and a learning tool.

    Hope you continue to have good results with your knee issue and have a terrific day.


  3. Jean Byrnell says:

    Dear Dr. Pulos
        I use the techniques I learned from you all the time. A lthough the asthma is still there I actually learned how
    to sleep and how to work toward goals (modest ones) without stopping.
    We people in Grand Forks think of you often and wish you well.
    Jean Byrnell
    (formerly Jean Pinto but have assumed maiden name)

  4. Stephen Dennis says:

    Hi Dr. Pulos,
    Fascinating blog post. I was throwing out some old VHS tapes when I saw two tapes from Alan Neuman that I hadn’t watched in 30 years. Before I threw them away, I digitized them and posted some sections on YouTube. You appear in some of them, and I hope you don’t mind. Those would be the sections on Dr. Edson Q. and Dona Cicera (Maria). (I wonder why the Dr. Fritz vessels die violently).

    I used to work at a parapsychology foundation in San Antonio, and we spent a day with Andrija Puharich, who did so much to document Arigo in Brazil and Pachita in Mexico. I think it would be nice if you could post some film of Maria doing her work.

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