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Emotional Freedom Technique – Part III

I would now like to explain why EFT works and then guide you through the sequence.

When you bring stress on line by thinking about a limiting belief , such as “I only get dead-end jobs” or “I am not respected by my peers” or “I am not worthy of success”, depending on the nature of the negative emotion this will cause one or more of the meridians to seize up like a kink in a garden hose, metaphorically, and will block the flow of energy – or Qi.  This is what leads to increased anxiety and stress levels in the body/mind.

In other words, dysfunctional emotional states become coded in the body’s electrical system and in the magnetic fields which surround every cell/organ and system of your body.  EFT will help restore bioelectrical balance – but it also changes your neurochemistry.

Throughout the treatment you must continue to focus on the source of your distress.  I know it seems to be counter-intuitive but it is a very important part of the EFT process.  The reason for doing this is that everything in the world vibrates at a particular resonance depending on the nature of the molecule.  Uranium and gold are very heavy molecules and vibrate very slowly compared to helium or oxygen molecules that vibrate so fast we can’t see them.  Again, the molecules in your cellular DNA vibrate at 65 billion times a second, which is beyond my imagination.  Everything in the world – every molecule has its own resonance – its own song of health and balance if you will.

Now, imagine that metaphorically your brain is the symphony conductor and that each of your organs represents the woodwinds, string section, percussion instruments, etc.  Then, imagine that your limiting belief – for example “I can’t earn enough money to support my desired lifestyle” is the violin player that is out of tune with the rest of the orchestra.  He or she is playing sour notes – dissonance instead of consonance.  After you rub the re-set button (neurolymphatic reflex) to connect all the circuitry and then begin tapping or rubbing each of the acupoints, which I compare to pure and clear notes, while focusing on the out of tune part of you, you are entraining that member of the orchestra (your limiting belief) back into the orchestra pit – rediscovering the song of health or balance with the rest of your life.  While I refer to it as a metaphor, I think there is a reality to it at the quantum or sub-atomic level.  Actually, I along with other professionals are beginning to re-think EFT and I am beginning to believe that it is a resonance therapy, working in the quantum domain.

Think of your issue – limiting belief, fear, stress, performance anxiety or whatever – bring it into clear focus.  On a ten point scale, rate the severity of your anxiety, fear or limiting belief on a ten point scale.  One being no stress about the issue and ten being the worst and most anxiety producing.  Then rub your neurolymphatic reflex or sore point with your right hand clockwise for about seven or eight seconds.  With many people the point is tender and the placement of your hand is like doing the pledge to the flag.  You have a choice here.  I like to repeat a forgiveness affirmation while rubbing – “Even though I have this limiting belief, fear or whatever, I deeply and completely accept myself” 3 times.  I believe along with Dr. Carolyn Myss that all healing must go through the door of forgiveness.

Next, as you focus on the negative aspect of your limiting belief.  For example “I am unloveable, I can’t get what I want” and stay focused on it or softly repeat it to yourself – tam medium briskly on the beginning of your inner eyebrows with two fingers – one on each eyebrow – which are bladder points – and the emotions with this point are frustration, tension, trauma.  Stay focused on the issue for six to eight taps.  Next – tap on the side of your eye – go back from the outside edge of your eye about ½ an inch – there will be a small hallow there – this is a gallbladder point and the emotion is age – as in what galls you.  Then – move to under your eye – below the pupil just under the bony ridge – tap again – one finger under each eye – maintaining focus on the negative belief or stress.  This is the first point on the stomach meridian and the emotion is stress and anxiety.  Now – tap under your nose – this is the governing vessel (or masculine Yang energy) and the emotion is embarrassment.  Continuing – move to under your lip – part of the conception vessel – or Yin – Feminine energy and the emotion is shame.

Remember to stay focused on your issue – tapping six or seven times on each point.  Next – moving to the most important meridian in your body – kidney – put your index finger on the sterna notch – the depression at the top of your sternum or breast bone – go down just one inch – no more – then go sideways one inch and there will be a small hollow between your clavicle and first rib – immediately adjacent to the sternum.  That is called Kidney 27 or the 27th point on the kidney meridian.  Another way to locate it is to put your index finger on top of the sterna notch – and with your thumb and middle finger form an equilateral triangle – the thumb and middle finger will fall on the points in the small depressions.  The kidney meridian has to do with fear and some sexual tension and indecision.  Kidney 27 is sometimes referred to as the collarbone points.

The next point is on the spleen meridian and many charts refer to it as anxiety about the future.  It is about four inches down from the armpit – on the same level where a man’s nipple would be – and is frequently quite tender.  You only need to tap one side while focusing on your issue.

Now, we move to the hand, and we will work with just one hand as the meridians are bilateral – on both sides of the body.  Hold your hand – palm facing you – and tap the closest side of the thumb at the base of the nail which is the lung meridian and has to do with disdain, intolerance, haughtiness – move to the same spot on your index finger, which is on the large intestine meridian.  Tap again six or seven times, remembering to stay focused on the negative belief – the emotion here is guilt.  Next – move to your middle finger – same location.  This is the pericardium or circulation sex meridian and the emotions are regret, remorse, jealousy, sexual tension.  Skip the fourth finger and go to the same location on your little finger.  Tap again – stay focused – the emotions of the heart meridian are anger and control.

Then – make a fist – and just below the knuckle of your little finger you will see a little pooch or skin sticking out.  Tap that point – a small intestine meridian point and the emotions are sorrow and sadness.  To finish, put one finger in between and very slightly above your eyebrows and another finger under your lip – this is called an energy chord.  Take three deep breaths while focusing on your fear, anxiety or negative belief while rubbing the two points gently and you should be able to take it down to a one.

In my office, I have my patients do this treatment two or three times in succession so they will learn and memorize the sequence.

Briefly – one of the reasons the EFT technique works so effectively is that by rubbing or tapping the acupressure points on each meridian, you are stimulating the brain to release beta-endorphins – a neurochemical.  Beta-endorphins are the endogenous or natural morphine molecules produced by the brain which are 27 times more powerful than synthetic morphine.  What else produces beta-endorphines?  Exercise – jogging – or the runner’s high.  Humor – former Saturday Review Editor Norman Cousins wrote a book on how humor – watching Marx Brothers and Three Stooges movies helped heal him of Ankylosing Spondylitis – a severe form of arthritis.  Music – also triggers the release of beta-endorphins which accounts why certain music, baroque in particular, has such a soothing and healing effect on mind and body.  Sex of course – what some people with tongue in cheek refer to as nature’s tranquilizer which floods the body with beta-endorphines.  Smoking cigarettes does the same thing, to a lesser degree.  And finally, acupressure and acupuncture – which is why in China you can have major surgery with just two or three acupuncture needles strategically located – to overflow the body with natural morphine molecules.

Once you get the hang of it, the technique takes less than a minute to do.  If you can spare five minutes a day, depending on the severity or chronicity of your issue, you should be seeing and experiencing shifts in your belief systems or behaviour within the first seven to ten days.

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