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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Part II

Let us now move on to the origins of EFT – why and how it works.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan was a successful cognitive behavioural therapist but became interested in applied Kinesiology and subsequently took over 275 hours of training in different schools of Applied Kinesiology, along with studying Chinese meridian Therapy.  He worked closely along with psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond and Chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart.  Through a series of trial and errors, he developed a series of acupressure treatment points on different energy meridians and ended up calling his treatment “Thought Field Therapy”, or TFT.

The theory of TFT is based on the work of former Cambridge University scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.  Sheldrake suggests the presence of invisible fields beyond space and time that can influence physical forms.  These fields act like energy blueprints and are called morphogenic fields – genesis from the Greek to give birth to – and morphos – form.  The M-Fields are unlike any other fields and are the organizing fields or blueprints that underlie the formation of the instincts and habits of animals and the mental and physical habits of human beings.  Sheldrake maintains that memory is inherent throughout nature and that when one animal or human learns something new that will help in more adaptive behaviour or survival, it is transferred from one generation to the next.  However, the behaviour has to be repeated often enough to set up what Sheldrake calls morphic resonance which will then affect the whole species.

For example – in the late 1920’s, Harvard psychologist Dr. McDougall was conducting a learning study with a rather difficult water maze that the rats had to swim though before exiting and being rewarded.  The first generation of rats averaged 62 trials before learning the maze.  The next generation took 54 trials and each subsequent generation took fewer and fewer trials until 28 generations later – the rats were learning the maze in one or two trials.

The theory proposes that the knowledge and learning of previous generations is passed down through the morphic resonance field.  What is interesting is that McDougall’s maze experiment was being replicated by psychologists in Japan and Australia and their rats learned just as quickly as the Harvard rats despite the distance.  This theory would account for parallel inventions such as Darwin and Alfred Wallace both coming up with the theory of evolution at the same time but Darwin published it first and got credit.  There are many such examples in the history of science and the history of ideas.

Getting back to TFT – Dr. Callahan assumes that any psychological issue or problem such as a limiting belief that is causing disruptions in one’s life, or ongoing fears, anxiety, addictive behaviour and so forth creates a perturbation or “energy static” in the thought field or M-field.  This results in disorganization or a disturbance in the circuitry of our electrical circulatory system – or our energy system Qi – that circulates in the fourteen meridians or channels of the body.  In other words – any negative emotional condition such as guilt, stress, phobias, depression, traumatic stress or limiting beliefs such as “I am undeserving, I am not capable of success, I cannot get what I want, I feel unworthy” – cause disruptions in the body’s energy system.

Very briefly – you have 360 acupuncture points or energy windows on your body where the electrical resistance on the skin is significantly lower (12,000 ohms or units of electrical resistance) compared to the 400,00 ohms or non-acupuncture points of the body.  The 95% less resistance on the acupuncture – or in our case, acupressure points allows the energy to enter the Qi system with less impendence.  We also have 12 primary meridians, or energy streams if you will, that channel the Qi or life energy through 12 different organs – 12 sets of muscle groups and there are 12 corresponding positive and negative different emotions associated with each meridian.  In addition, there are 12 diagnostic points at different locations on each meridian than the treatment points.

To be continued…

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