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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Part 1

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When I first took my training for EFT over 20 years ago, the concept of Energy Psychology was relatively unheard of.  Today, EFT is practiced in over 57 countries with an expanding body of research published in peer review journals to support it.

EFT has proved effective with almost any kind of anxiety and stress, it works for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks, simple and complex phobias, ADHD, sleep dysfunction and many other conditions including pain and addictions.  It has revolutionized the way we treat people and has been referred to as one of the new “power therapies” of the 20th century and new millennium.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) works with the energetic or electrical circulatory system of your body.  Western medicine uses molecules – chemistry – the medications and pharmaceuticals which we are all familiar with and have been taking most of our lives.  Eastern medicine works with energy.  You have enough electricity in your body to light a color TV for about 4 hours.  Every cell in your body is like a miniature battery – with a positive polarity outside the membrane – and a negative polarity inside – or beneath the membrane.  Polarity refers to the direction of the electron spin around each atom.  You have 75 trillion batteries – or cells in your body.  In addition, we have the life force – the life energy that animates and energies all life and without which you would be dead in a moment.

However, the western medical paradigm with its emphasis upon “molecules” and medications has not paid much attention to the subtle energies of the body.  Part of the problem is that the subtle energy is in another frequency domain – a different vibratory realm.  It has, however, been measured by Chinese physicists as mentioned earlier, but is difficult to see except under extraordinary circumstances.

The energy is called Qi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese (as in Reiki), Hindus call it Prana and Sir Isaac Newton identified the electrical force as subtle spirit.  Yale anatomist Harold Saxton Burr, following a series of experiments over 43 years described the energy as Life Fields.  Chiropractors call it inate intelligence, the Egyptians call it Ra, Russians called it bio-energy, Mesmer called it animal magnetism, Christians call it spirit, and it is considered to be the animating life force of all living things. There are 97 different cultures going back as far as 3,000 to 4,000 years ago that have 97 different names for the same energy.

A good friend of mine who was traumatized and suffered severe injuries in one of the Belfast, Ireland bombings became so hypersensitive that she began to see Qi after that horrible experience.  She will now walk into certain rooms that have a lot of plants and say that sometimes she has to squint her eyes because the Qi is so bright.  Her words to describe the subtle energy are – “it looks like dazzling, glittering, brilliant gold dust”.  He daughter, who is six, can also see it on occasion and describes it as “fairy dust”.

Since the new field of Energy Psychology, of which EFT is but one branch, is based upon ancient Chinese health practices – let us briefly look at their philosophy which may help you see things from another perspective, should you decide to use EFT for stress and anxiety or other health reasons.

In Chinese medicine, the person is seen as a microcosm of nature, a universe in miniature and we, as individuals are a blending or fusion of seen and unseen energies.  In the eastern model the body, metaphorically, is seen as a garden creating a sense of harmony and interconnectedness with our environment.  The goal is so enhance balance and harmony with the energies of the garden or Qi – that breathes life into the atmosphere of the metaphorical garden into all organs, systems and cells of the body.

Western medicine, on the other hand, is based upon the Cartesian separation of mind and body.  This model frequently, but not always, sees the body as a machine where damaged or worn out parts can be replaced.  The western model equates healing to war-on-disease, disease-on-enemy and the goal is to eradicate symptoms with surgery – pharmaceuticals or radiation.  Both models work and your belief system will determine which health practice you will be attracted to.  You might say that western medicine employs a more left brain, logical approach to health and healing while traditional medicine is more right brain.  Why not use both brains?  More people are doing that by having both a good left brain family doctor and a right brain alternative physician.

To be continued…

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