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Communicating with your Subconscious

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In previous blogs, it was established that our life is a printout of our beliefs which are formed between the ages of two and twelve. Thus, if there is an area of your life that has too many speed bumps – that isn’t working out to your satisfaction – it is important to identify the limiting belief so that you can stop “breathing life” into the old belief and replace it with a new, more positive, empowering belief.

While there are several hypnotic techniques that can be used in a diagnostic manner, the easiest and perhaps the most effective technique is to utilize a pendulum.

Pendulums have been a source of information for thousands of years. A turquoise pendulum was found in the great pyramid of Giza – estimated to be over 5,000 years old. The ancient Chinese used the pendulum as early as 2000 B.C.

The modern application of this ancient art is called divination or dowsing. There are a number of dowsing instruments such as L-rods, Y-rods, a wand like instrument called the Bobber – and of course – the pendulum – which is considered the most sensitive of all. These instruments act as indicators – or antennae – communicating the intentionality of the conscious mind to answers from our deeper mind which are mediated through the central nervous system to our body. The meanings of these responses are interpreted as answers through the codes set up between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Anyone from ages six to ninety plus can use a pendulum to instantly identify core beliefs – positive or limiting beliefs – which beliefs are obstructing or standing in the way of achieving your goals – which beliefs are not necessary to change – and – which of the belief change methods you will be learning is best to remove or dilute an unresourceful belief and which technique should be used to install an empowering belief.

The pendulum is one of the easiest techniques to use. The research of psychiatrist Dr. Edith Jurka, who published a paper in 1991 titled “Brain Patters Characteristics of Dowsers” demonstrated that the moment you begin to dowse – with either a pendulum, L-Rod or Y-Rod, you enter an eyes-open, mini trance state. The electroencephalographs or EEG’s of a doswer while dowsing showed both active high Beta wave (focused attention) along with high amplitude theta waves, seen as Zen meditators, lucid dreaming and during certain paranormal experiences. Dr. Jurka concluded that dowsers are simultaneously straddling two realities – the conscious, alert but inwardly focused part of us that is also connected to what she calls “the universal mind”.

You can make your own pendulum by simply using a piece of string 4” to 6” long and looping through the end of a key. Some people use the gold chain around their necks and loop through a ring. Again 4” to 8” are the ideal lengths. Or better yet – most New Age and metaphysical book stores carry pendulums and many people select pendulums where a crystal is attached to the end of the chain.

Let your intuition guide you and once you have your pendulum – try different lengths – say from four inches to eight inches and see which works best for you. The chain length will determine how fast it will swing. The shorter the chain – the faster the swing. The longer the chain – the slower the swing. Most people prefer a shorter chain – four to six inches but experiment for yourself.

The best way to use a pendulum is to sit quietly in a chair or sofa – hold the chain of the pendulum between the thumb and index of your dominant hand – or non-dominant hand – see which feels or works best – then hold your elbow against your body – steadying the pendulum – and mentally ask it to move forward and backwards to establish a Yes response. For some people – the motion is very slight – for others – there is a strong lengthy forward and backward arc. Stop and steady the pendulum once more – and mentally ask it to move sideways for a No response.

Next – mentally ask the pendulum to rotate Counter-clockwise – which will be used to deactivate or scramble negative energies. Stop and steady it once more. Then – mentally ask the pendulum to move Clock-wise which will be used to install positive or empowering energies.

Next – either consciously select a belief you feel is not serving you – that you would like to change and ask your pendulum is this the belief you should start with. You should always ask questions that can be answered yes or no.

My only admonition – is don’t use the pendulum for frivolous questions such as – should I wear my black or brown shoes tomorrow? Should I wear this tie or that tie with my new suit? Frivolous questions usually get frivolous answers and dilute or attenuate the effectiveness of a very effective tool.

Let us now use a powerful pendulum energy technique that dowsers have used to transmute the negative energy of beliefs into positive and affirming beliefs.

For example – let us take the belief – “I don’t think this technique will work for me”. Sit quietly with your pendulum – elbow against your body and mentally ask for the pendulum to start rotating counter-clockwise to scramble – dilute – remove – neutralize – the emotions, attitude or thoughts supporting that belief. While the pendulum is rotating counter-clockwise – maintain an attitude of curiosity and wonderment until the pendulum stops. It can take anywhere from seconds to over a minute – depending on how deeply your belief may be rooted.

Once the pendulum stops – mentally ask it rotate clockwise – to install the belief – “This is a powerful energy change technique. It will work for me every time.” Again – maintain a mind-set of curiosity – awe – wonder – until the pendulum stops. If there is even a particle of doubt in your mind – repeat the process – it rarely takes more than five minutes.

You can then use this technique for other beliefs – fears – guilt or memories that are adversely affecting a specific part of your life.

I had an extra-ordinary experience with a pendulum several years ago that I would like to share as you may wish to experiment outside the box.

An R.C.M.P. helicopter went down in Northern British Columbia and the best the police could do to locate where it might be was a 500 square mile area. They had enlisted the aid of a very gifted psychic whose specialty was locating missing bodies. There were three men in the helicopter. The police also brought along a large ten foot by ten foot map of the area where the helicopter last reported its location. The map was broken down into quadrant of roughly 2 square miles.

I had done a lot of work for the R.C.M.P. in the past using hypnosis to refresh the memories of witnesses and victim of serious crimes. Having worked with the officer in charge on previous cases – he thought I would be hypnotizing the psychic to help fine tune her intuitive sensing. However – she insisted on going in the other room so she could work alone – deepening her awareness in her own way. She also felt looking at the map would distract her.

As coincidence would have it – I had just finished reading a book on dowsing and one chapter specifically mentioned map dowsing. Pendulums work quite well for me and since the R.C.M.P. officer was very open-minded – he told me to go ahead and dowse the map. I did quadrant by quadrant – getting no response until I held the pendulum over quadrant 124 – and the pendulum moved into a sharp – crisp – yes response.

When the psychic returned from her trance experience – she pointed to quadrants 123 and 124. The police found the helicopter – what was left of it – on the border of the two quadrants. I had never done anything like that before – or since but it reinforced for me what we have been alluding to and discussing all along – that mind is non-local – that a part of us – with intention can dip into the quantum soup – the zero-point energy field and retrieve information at a distance.

I hope you will take the time and learn and practise this easy but important technique to communicate with deeper octaves of your subconscious.



Dr. Pulos Ph.D. ABPP


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